"A child is not a special species of animal distinct from man. A child is a man or woman who has not attained full growth." ~ L. Ron Hubbard

PARENTS DO THE best they can raising their children, but most find it a trial-and-error proposition.

How should parents raise children so they develop self-determinism and initiative and make constructive decisions? There are a million opinions of how to do it, but are there any sound principles one can trust?

On this Course you will learn:
• What children most need from their parents.
• How you can help solve a child’s problems.
• Why children get angry and how to swiftly heal the upsets.
• How to live with children and help them grow into fine, successful human beings.
• A simple, powerful action that assists children to recover from physical injuries.

When you understand and use the knowledge and tools contained on this course, you can help your child become a self-determined, happy and contributing member of the family—and an asset to society.