"The greatest joy there is in life is creating. Splurge on it!" ~ L. Ron Hubbard

WHAT DOES A happy relationship depend on? What elements keep it alive and rewarding? And what can you do so your marriage lasts?

Marriages outnumber divorces, but the gap is closing. Indeed, many of the troubles in society stem from broken marriages, but you can prevent yours from ever going downhill.

The basic laws of life apply to marriage. There are ways to strengthen your love and build a relationship that grows stronger with each passing day.

On this Course you will learn:
• The components that form the bedrock of every relationship—the essential elements to a happy marriage.
• The factors that keep a relationship flourishing.
• Why a lasting marriage depends on mutual trust, and how to build that trust in your relationship.
• When you use the knowledge you learn on this course, you will create a relationship that you can both share with joy for a lifetime.