"A vital thing to realize is that the formulas of conditions exist. They are part and parcel of any activity in this universe." ~ L. Ron Hubbard

IF PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS go wrong, what should you do? If you are in debt, how should you handle it? If your job goes sour, how can you straighten it out? There are exact formulas for those situations and any others—precise steps, based on natural laws, that work every time.

Find out how to gain full control of any condition or circumstance. Learn the practical formulas that reverse bad conditions and strengthen good ones.

On this Course you will learn:
• The laws that govern your survival and can guarantee a prosperous, happy future.
• What statistics are and how you use them to gauge the health of any activity and predict what will happen in the future.
• The Conditions Formulas that guide life—practical steps that can improve any condition.The steps to establish and maintain excellent credit standing and solvency.

When you know and apply the data in this course, you can sort out any bad state of affairs and strengthen all positive ones. Your life can rise to newfound heights.